Our goal at Lakewood Goldens is to produce golden retrievers that are healthy with wonderful temperaments and at the same time represent the TRUE Golden retriever conformation.

We consistently strive for HEALTH, PERSONALITY, BRAINS, & BEAUTY!
Having been owned by goldens for 25+ years, I have found them to be the perfect family companion for our 4 children.
Losing one of our beloved golden gals at the young age of 2 to "leukemia" and having another young golden diagnosed with SEVERE hip displaysia, OCD of the shoulder, elbow displaysia, and SEVERE arthritis at the young age of 7 MONTHS sent me on a mission. I stayed up all hours of the night reading, studying, and talking with anyone who could educate me in an attempt to learn how these things could be prevented or at least the risk minimized.

As my children grew older I decided I would like to start competing in both conformation and obedience with my dogs. Each show or obedience trial is as exciting, to me, as my first. Each is so different...different dogs, different people, different judges, and different knowledge to be learned each time.
We breed rarely and when we do our goal is to produce a dog with the temperament to be a wonderful household companion and at the same time, should you desire to compete with your dog in conformation, obedience, tracking, or hunt tests.....your dog has the ability to perform.

One of the best rewards is when I become good friends with someone who purchased one of my puppies. The pictures, visits, and joy of seeing the happiness my pup has brought into their lives makes it all worth while!
I couldn't end by not giving my family credit for their support.
My husband, who was never a big "dog" person, now has a golden always laying right in front of the refrigerator just as he wants a drink and another sitting beside his chair waiting for her nightly petting.

My children occassionally tease me about how they have no "junk food" but our dogs ALWAYS have treats.

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